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Inexpensive Z-Wave gateway using a Banana Pro and a RaZberry daughter card

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Hello community!

I would like to share my early developments on an inexpensive (as far it can be) Z-Wave gateway based on my project.

I've done a small introduction to the Z-Way JSON API and I have put some examples, as also an implementation in jQuery mobile and javascript in order to provide a fully functional interface that will be a part of the Jubito ecosystem.

Since I have only one Z-Wave device (Fibaro wall plug) I'm focused on a specific class.

With this post I call people who are interested to that concept, and aiming, to collaborate each other in order to provide as much information needed to put additional devices and functionality.

Once you install Jubito you'll find a z-index.html and a jubito.razberry.js files under its /www/ directory. The installation creates a ~/bin/jubito-server directory to the user's home.

Feel free to manipulate those files and do your enhancements! I'm looking forward for your experience in the Z-Wave technology.

It's not much but I believe this is a good starting point. Let's work together for rapid results.
For those who want to be supportive
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