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BananaPro Igor's Wheezy 2.7 3.14

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Hi there, long time reader (i peruse the forums every morning cuz i just got my banana)

I noticed i don't have my blue led. Only the green (blinks when sd card is active) and red LEDs light up. I downloaded the LEDd utility to no alas. Is it b/c of the image i chose to use? can i enable it?
Do you mean my BananaLEDd ?

On the BananaPI, the Blue LED was linked with the Ethernet PHY whereas it is a standard SysFS LED.
Consequently, or you configure it using standard SysFS methodology, or you have to use version V1.2 or more of BananaLEDd that handles both PHY's LED and SysFS ones.

Yea & i guess i forgot to mention that i have a bananapro. i have version 1.2 following the directions on the page, but when i put the data in and run BananaLEDd -d, it just displays "load on/load off", with no blue led

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