Samba 4 on Bananian & Banana Pro as AD

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I've been collecting loads of informations throughout the last weeks to turn my BananaPro into a Active Directory Domain Controller to replace a WIN2k8 Domain Controller.
But unfortunately none of the bit and pieces of information turned out to be a full 'HOWTO'. But that's what I somehow need because, to be honest I can work of a howto in Linux and understand parts of it at the end, but that's all in Linux...
What I expect to realize at hte end of the day (might to turn into weeks):

BananaPro /w Bananian running Samba4 and to be administrated via RSAT. Home diirectories stored on a NAS (Synology), Profiles stored on the SSD HDD connected to the B-Pi.

I managed (thank internet) to have the OS on the SSD. Beside the SSH/Putty access I have a RD access as well (XFCE/GUI). Graphical support is to be disactivated/stopped after finalizing the setup. Sometimes it helps to have the GUI.

When trying to install (apt-get) Samba, I fail because 'apt-get samba samba-common-bin' only calls Samba 3.6 (3.36???).

How to convince apt-get / Bananian to install Samba4.

Anyone who really has a answer to this and willed to take some minutes to explain?

4those who might worry about the performance: It's just a comfort thing to have groups and users manged this way. Data access to most files is directly Win-client2NAS and there are only a handfull of clients and users. So I'm not worried about the performance.

You can install samba4 on Bananian (Debian 7), but you have to use the Debian backports repository for that (meaning you get newer packages from Debian 8 that were "bakported" to Debian 7).

First of all, remove your samba 3 installation by running "apt-get purge samba && apt-get autoremove".

Then you have to add the backports repository to your sources list. It's best if you follow these instructions:
(Whenever the instructions say "jessie", replace that with "wheezy" or pick the option for wheezy if there are several alternatives mentioned.)

Then you can install the newer samba package from the backports repository.

silentcreek replied at Sat May 23, 2015 09:39
You can install samba4 on Bananian (Debian 7), but you have to use the Debian backports repository f ...

Many thanX, was a two minute work then and finally smbstatus said "Samba version 4.1.17-Debian"

Forums with professional reolies are great.

As soon as I've finalized the project,  I'll report.

ThX again.

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