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Ubuntu MATE for the Banana Pro

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No.. as I said above.. it doesn't work that way with Ubuntu Mate 16.04

figured it out...

Hi, I use my Banana Pro as a MediaCenter with Android+Kodi. Did this version of Ubuntu support Kodi?

I installed this version of ubuntu but I have some bugs:
- several disconnession from wifi
- vlc doesn't start
- i installed video (totem) but doesn't start neither

any suggestion?


For desktop operations stick to legacy:
- video acceleration works with mpv, OSD and subtitle should work too
- wifi is stable (problems are on vanilla)
- updated yesterday ;)

But we don't support KODI - it's hard to bring all dependencies together to make it work.

ok, I downloaded the iso from the armbian site.
I wrote the image with Rufus (with a samsung 10 class) but at the login, my keyboard doesn't work, I am able to type only the login and not the password. I already tried to write again the image and I tried also with another keyboard. Where I can find the old distribution? maybe with an other version I can login and then update.

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I don't understand what you are doing ... wrong? You don't see a login prompt, it's out of the screen or what? Please check up docs.armbian.com - "Getting started". There are few tips ... first login is different since it force you to change the default password (1234) to any of your choice but to do that you need to repeat the password ... this might be odd.

Can you try to login via SSH? Better to stay on latest image ... they are tested.

at the 4th time It worked...

OK, well. It should work in first try ;)

magicknight replied at Sep 19, 2016 12:35
at the 4th time It worked...

For the record, when typing the pw you don't see it on the screen

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