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Simple question: Does bananian support cgroups, and especially the blkio-controller? I couldn't find a kernel configuration file in /boot (there isn't any file at all), that's why I'm asking here.

Thank you in advance!
Okay, I upgraded to bananian 15.04. Now there is a config file in /boot. Unfortunately CONFIG_BLK_DEV_THROTTLING is not set. Could you please enable it with the next update?

Although Nico (Bananian developer) seems to be reading here regularily, you might wanna file afeature request at the Bananian bugtracker:

In the meantime, you could also consider to compile your kernels from source with your custom configuration.

Thank you for the advice. I created an issue here.

I never compiled a kernel in my life. Can you give me instructions (or link) how to do that?

The LeMaker wiki has them:,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel#Building_the_kernel

Now, these instructions assume you will be doing this on a different machine than your Banana Pi. It is possbile to do that on Banana Pi, too, but it would take much, much longer (people here on the forum reported it takes over 2 hours, iirc). So, it's recommended to compile on a desktop computer or laptop. If you don't have another system in place that runs Linux, you could still do that by installing Linux for that purpose in a virtual machine (like Virtualbox) or run a live linux CD. If, in any case, you wish to do this on the Banana Pi itself, search the forum on how to compile the Kernel on the Banana Pi directly.

Before you follow the instructions on "Building" the kernel, you should install a compiler (see "Get a Toolchain" on the same page).  Then, instead of using LeMaker's kernel source, I would use the Bananian kernel source for best compatibilty (even though the differences are minor). To do that, just replace the line git clone... with this:
  1. git clone
Copy the Code
Then change to the directory of the downloaded kernel source (it's downloaded to a subfolder).

Then edit the file arch/arm/configs/sun7i_defconfig and replace the line
Copy the Code
with this:
Copy the Code
Then you can follow the rest of the steps and you will have a Kernel with your desired feature enabled.

Then you just need to replace the uImage file on the /boot/ partition with the file found in arch/arm/boot/uImage and copy the modules found in output/lib/modules/ (grab the whole folder named to you Bananapi installation to /lib/modules/.
(At this point, I'd personally prefer to move the old files to a backup - like mv uImage uImage.old - rather than just overwrite them. In this case you could revert the changes if you find something went wrong.)

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