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maybe someone can help me with this problem:

I have the Banana Pi mounted in a box. To see if the Banana Pi is running, I want an external LED on the Case.
I saw that the Activity LED is GPIO driven.

My question is:
How can I remap the Activity LED on one of the GPIOs on Connector 3 ?

Thx in advance!
By editing and recompiling the fex file. See for a general guide.

Edited by cmens at Tue Jun 9, 2015 06:38

Thank you!

It works perfect with this configuration in the fex file:
  1. [leds_para]
  2. leds_used = 2
  3. leds_num = 1
  4. leds_pin_1 = port:PH24<1><default><default><0>
  5. leds_name_1 = "green:ph24:led1"
  6. leds_default_1 = 1
  7. leds_trigger_1 = "heartbeat"
  8. leds_num = 2
  9. leds_pin_2 = port:PH02<1><default><default><0>
  10. leds_name_2 = "red:PH02:led2"
  11. leds_trigger_2 = "heartbeat"
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This configuration uses CON3-P12 (PH2).

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(it's in French but we have some automatic translator isn't it )

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