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BPro-Video converter

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i own an Banana Pi Pro and want to use it as a converter for recorded video material.
My Dreambox is storing records in TS-Container. I can download it to my PC but convertng it to another, more conventional format takes some time an different steps.

Does anybody know a program or skript that converts the TS-File to mpeeg4 or MKV?

Best regards from Germany,
ffmpeg will. You can find hundreds of example on the web, depending mostly on what settings you want to use. You should read about formats and codecs, it seems a bit mixed up in the OP.

Excuse me guys, here I have a problem when converting videos. Recently, I got a batch of RM video files which cannot be played in VLC media player. So, I downloaded this video converter as you can see http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/convert-rm-to-mp4.html to help me convert RM to MP4. But after the conversion, the video quality got decreased and blurred, do you guys know why this happened?

There are various applications & software are introducing to convert the video in a different mode, it makes the videos able to play in different device or on different plat foams. my experts do my homework online so i get these knowledge easily

The article is very meticulous and insightful. it provided me with a fair amount of knowledge. help a lot for my work.
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