is my transfer speed normal ?

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I finally manage to setup my banana pro with openmediavault.

I'm doing my first transfer and it seems slow ... 20~30 MB/s

Here is the chain :
hard drive source capable of 70 MB/s (hd tune pro)
connected to it's USB3 port on my laptop
laptop is pretty much iddle
laptop is connected to a gigabit switch
banana pro is connected to the same gigabit switch
receiving hard drive is connected on SATA connector (simple hard drive, no RAID, ext4, all swiped and formatted through OMV interface)
receiving hard drive is capable of about 90 MB/s (hd tune pro)

I'd be happy to know if this is the best I can expect or if there is something to be tuned to get the most of my hard drive.

Thanks !!

   Christophe C.
It's all about the right settings. Please compare with eg.

http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 3&fromuid=33332
http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 2&fromuid=33332

(or other highlighted threads in the appropriate subforum 'network and servers')

Sounds like a HD-to-HD copy, using USB for one of the drives? Then USB2 will restrict in any case to 20-30MByte/s, so that's indeed the best the OP can expect.

hawhill replied at Fri Jun 12, 2015 02:51
Sounds like a HD-to-HD copy, using USB for one of the drives? Then USB2 will restrict in any case to ...

It's USB3 on the sender side (should be faster than 30 MB/s even without UASP) and SATA on the receiver side.

Since OMV on ARM does not care a single bit about the special conditions slow boards like Banana Pi show manual 'tuning' is necessary. This applies to cpufreq settings, TCP/IP tunables and maybe Samba settings as well (don't know which protocol the OP is using but I would assume SMB between Windows and Samba). The 2 threads mentioned will cover all basic stuff. And if anybody is interested in network stuff he should read the highlighted threads in the subforum that's dedicated to these issues. There's also outlined how one can test interconnections without mixing up things

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Hi !

Thank you all for your replies.

I am going to read the 2 threads that got posted in the first answer.

Just a couple of quick response :
my source hard drive is on USB3 and I've check its speed with hd tune pro ... it goes up to 60~70mb/s (old HD). so 20~30 is below it's capacity.
I have no idea what UASP is ... but I'll look by myself before posting some stupid question.
indeed my transfert is between a windows computer (where the USB3 HD is connected) and my banana pro with OMV (where my SATA drive is connected, this one was checked to go up to 90~110mb/s) on some SMB share.

I'm hoping to get more transfer speed.
In the end I'm connecting a USB3 drive on a USB3 port on an idle computer, connected to a gigabit switch. Then it's the banana pro with OMV and just this one task : SMB share on a (fast) HD connected directly on the SATA.
... so if I'm not at the smallest of the 2 hard drive speeds, there is something I'm not understanding.

I might have some weird thing at the hard drive connected to the banana pro. I think (a while ago) I formatted it with NTFS. Then I could not create a file system. Then played a bit with fdisk and parted (by SSH), GPS and ETX4 and XFS, and all those stuff I don't quite get.
Then tried again a couple of times with OMV interface ...
Ok ... so maybe there is something twisted there. But I don't know how to check :/

'Synthetic' benchmarks do exist. They are able to isolate problems (but sometimes show weird results) because they're not testing the whole thing but just isolated parts.

If you would use Helios LanTest for example then the speed of the HDD on your Windows machine doesn't matter at all. It's just testing I/O and disk bandwidth/latency on the 'server' side.

In the aforementioned threads we tried to summarize what's important to get decent NAS performance. In case further questions arise feel free to ask

I want to know how to setup banana pro in laptop. I have read articles of topdissertations to know how to setup it. I heard that the sending speed is low when you send the files newly.

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