Banana Pro&Pi User Manual-V1.0

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Banana Pro&Pi User Manual has basic tutorial on Banana Pro and Banana Pi. User Manual  includes the basic use of them, the advance use of them, teaches you how to configure them, and there are examples of applications that can give you a reference.

Banana Pro&Pi User Manual-V1.0.pdf (3.83 MB, Downloads: 3035)
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So hw-acc works for the bananapi pro now or how should this be understanded?

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The Banana Pi M1 is a business card-sized and low-control single-board PC created in China by the Banana Pi Team, with the expectation of advancing STEM (science, innovation, building and mathematics) instruction in schools. Dissertation Service

In this forum mentioned about banana pro and pi user manual V1.0.It is the example of application reference. Its pdf version is also mentioned here. By fastest internet provider downloading and go through this application. If you need any clarification please contact us  

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