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I am using latest bananian disc image. I am trying to use hdmi audio passthrough so that the av amplifier can decode the sound. I did following steps to use sunxi-hdmi sound (card 1, /etc/asound.conf, and uEnv.txt on boot partition). In pavucontrol I see only sunxi-hdmi analog stereo option, not digital. So I can not get the digital audio passthrough. Banana Pro decodes the sound to analog 2 channels and passes as pcm to receiver rather than passing it raw as DTS.

I have spent quite few hours with no luck. By the way, I have compiled mali drivers including vdpau, and passed environment as VDPAU_DRIVER as sunxi, and AWHWR=1.

Has anyone able to pass hdmi audio as DTS? or is it always analog stereo? Thanks for help.
I did some more checking on this. Turns out that I can pass digital audio through smplayer to my receive. However I do not get that option in Kodi. I compiled kodi based on direction from ryad as below. But I compiled kodi 15 rather than 14.

So what is going on? Is the issue with kodi not allowing passthrough? If so, I will wail till ryad compiles kodi for banaian.

****From ryad:
I have compiled kodi 14.1 "helix" successfully on my Arch installation. Indeed there is still no hardware acceleration for the native video player, but I managed to use smplayer as an external player and can play 1080p content flawlessly this way.

I used this guide: http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Compile_Kodi_for_Linux

This is the configuration:

    ./configure --disable-vaapi --disable-vdpau  --disable-debug

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And this ~/.kodi/userdata/playercorefactory.xml:
       <player name="smplayer" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="true" video="true">
         <args>-minigui -close-at-end -fullscreen "{1}"</args>
    <rules action="prepend">
       <rule filetypes="mkv" filename="*.*" player="smplayer"/>

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The smplayer is the compiled smplayer-qt4 from AUR.


Maybe this patch can be useful to stream more channels to a receiver using alsa


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