HDMI audio stops when using AVR and turning off TV

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Hey guys,

I have the following setup:
- Banana Pi is connected to the input of an Onkyo AVR via HDMI (type of AVR is TX-NR515)
- TV is connected to the output of the AVR via HDMI

The distro on the Banana Pi is Raspbian, however I'm not sure about that, but /etc/issue contains that (if you have rock solid way of determining the distro please enlighten me).

The problems are:
  • The AVR often fails to pick up the signal of the BananaPI. I have to switch back and forth between HDMI inputs to make the BananaPI screen appear on TV. However, when the BananaPI is directly connected to the TV the screen is OK.
  • When the display is OK I start playing some music. When I turn off the TV, but the AVR is still on, the music stops as well.

Is it possible to play audio on HDMI while the TV is off? I'd like to use the BananaPI as a music server.
Is there a way to stabilize the HDMI signal to be consistently picked up by the AVR?

I've tried disabling screen saver and display sleep times, and messed around the
  1. /boot/config.txt
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  1. force_hdmi_hotplug=1
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and so on. The best so far was
  1. hdmi_safe=1
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Any help would be appreciated!


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