Touchscreen sensitivity, brightness, backlight

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I would like to know some information from the properties of the display.

- How can I set the sensity of the touch of the display (Need I set the fex parameters or I can from OS)?
- How can turn off the backlight from the OS?
- How can I set the brightness from the OS?

Thank you for your help.
You could use a forum search for 'backlight' in the upper left search bar.

Or you could do a web search for eg "backlight pwm". But since the admins of this forum decided to let every link from search engines become invalid due to new URL styles searching the forum this way won't help any longer. Also older links in post do not work any longer and nobody tries to fix that.

Thank you for your reply about backlight and brightness, but I found nothing about touchscreen sensitivity.

I would like to know how can I set this value.

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