New banana pro won't boot, just red LED

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I received a banana pro today, and have been fighting all day to get it to boot. I've tried bananian and Raspbian for banana pro, on three different sdcards, with two different power adapters (incl. the one I use with my rPi), always with the same results: the red power LED comes on, my keyboard LEDs flicker very briefly, then nothing. No output at all over HDMI, no blinking green LED, just the steady red power light.

So, I'm about to give up and assume the board is DoA, but is there anything else I should try before I return it?

If you use always the same cable between PSUs and board then maybe this cable is responsible for voltage drops (we've seen some where voltage fell below 4.5V).

You should Bananian give a try again with no USB peripherals connected. When the green LED starts flickering then at least it's not a DoA.

In case you have a matching connector for the Banana Pro's SATA power connector (on the edge next to the Micro-USB-power-in-connector using a JST XH 2.5mm header) you could also try to power the board through this connector.

Works more reliable compared to the crappy Micro USB port.

Hmm, booting without peripherals doesn't seem to make a difference. Unfortunately I don't have a SATA power cable, but I've used two different power adapters, each with a different USB cable. The Adapter I use with my rPi comes from a HP touchpad; these are apparently some of the best USB power supplies ever shipped.

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i have the same problem with my banana pi 2 ;/

red led D3 is lighting, processor is warm, but i have no signal in hdmi

i tryied in few cables, 1A and 2A. Now im looking for solution. i hope, its my fail, no hardware error

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Please try with other SD card, and maybe another distro.
Since Android requires a different way of writing it may work where a Linux distro fails (happened to me... )

Another possible solution (a little bit extreme ):

Other SD card or the other USB port. Sometimes it doesnt Boot with power on otg port

I suggest also to have a look on the output of the serial console : it will display what is going wrong.

zaba91 replied at Mon Jul 13, 2015 16:34
i have the same problem with my banana pi 2 ;/

Which device are you talking about? The M2? If so, all manufacturer supplied images are simply crap. SinoVoip managed it to provide images where both display initialisation as well as network initialisation is completely broken therefore the board boots but you have no chance to realize that or to do something useful with this board when booted.
In case you're talking about the M2 have a look at the threads here ... scussion-for-bpi-m2 and here

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