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Is it posible to install UNIVERSAL MEDIA PLAYER on BananaPI?

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I'm trying to watch videos hosted on a bananapi from a xbox360.
I have another android device and does not work well with the XBOX. Plex is not an option because it is pay and do not justify the use I can get to him, I prefer XMBC.
Surfing the net I came across a couple of projects (most left) and this was that I think is more likely. http://www.universalmediaserver.com/
I'm running the IMG Igor and micro scrip home server the same author.
I really am a newbie in linux and I would like to ask if these instructions are for our bananas. http://www.universalmediaserver. ... php?f=10&t=2761

Of course they are welcome all suggestions that can give me.

Thanks in advance.
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