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kernel not getting boot parameters

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Edited by WonderBoy at Mon Jun 22, 2015 19:09

I have BananaPi and installed gentoo (from the image on the site) on an SD card and connected 2.5" SATA hdd. I want to my /root to be on the HDD. I know that the boot partition should always be on the SD card and I'm fine with this. But no matter what  I do, I can't make kernel use /dev/sdaX as root partition.  The hdd gets powered from the BPi and works fine.

First I tried to install gentoo from scratch but it didn't work. I thought it was my fault. Then according to some topics here and two sites in the net I used rsync to copy the data from /dev/mmcblk0p2 to /dev/sata1 and changed the boot parameter in uEnv.txt to root=/dev/sda1. It didn't work.

After about a day of trying I realized that the kernel is aways started with the same parameters (/proc/cmdline). Even if I remove uEnv.txt it boots.
I checked the config from /proc/config.gz but no default parameters are set and the option is to use bootloader parameters if possible.

I can't debug it much because when I connect the board to my TV with HDMI while booting I see only the two penguins and I can't see anything. In dmesg I can simply see that the kernel always gets the same parameters.

So, I'd appreciate any help about
1) using /root on /dev/sda a.k.a how to pass the parameters to the kernel
2) getting any picture from the booting process

And one bonus - when the board starts it makes some sounds, where can I read what they mean?

Thank you in advance

P.S - I also tried to modify script.bin or use it from another image, but with no success
Ok, I used bananian image, changed the kernel with the one from gentoo, modified uEnv.txt with root=/dev/sda1 and now everything is working

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