Banana Pi Stuck on Green LED

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tkaiser replied at Thu Jun 25, 2015 07:17
Editing posts just works a small amount of time after creating the post. This behaviour was introd ...

This is also gone now????
That means the problem has been fixed?

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I was facing the same situation, stuck on static green led with no response from usb, ethernet, hdmi and whatsoever, when trying to boot raspbian. The downloaded image file checksum was ok. I was using a 4gb class 2 sdcard that has faketflashtest and h2testw assumed to be fine.

Later on, I tried an 8gb class 10 sdcard that came with my canon camera, and now it is running fine!

I still can use the previous "bad" sdcard for other tasks. I don't know why, but to drive an OS banana PI needs some higher quality storage. The only explanation I see is that the "bad" sdcard may have a corrupted address that always responds 0 or always 1, and by coincidence it was the same value h2testw  had tested, but the wrong value for the image file. I can't see any other reason... but that doesn't matter now, all I can say is that who's facing the same situation, is to try to test another sdcard, although everything seems to be fine.


Could be other reasons like eg. timing problems (have a look at this thread here for some examples and possible explanations).

If you want to diagnose what's happening you need a serial console at boot. And if you want to avoid problems like these go with a class 10 SD card from a good vendor.

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