configure i2c in arch linux banana pro

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I am using Arch Linux in bananapro.
I am trying to connect IMU to the banana pro using the SCL and SDA pins. The device address is not being displayed on running the command
sudo i2cdetect -y 2
So, can somebody tell me how to configure i2c for bananapro.
I tried changing the modules file and the blacklist.conf.
How to configure i2c for arch linux in banana pro please help me.
The i2c is opened by default. The i2c driver is added into kernel, not modules.

i2cdetect -y 2 should work

Hi Tony,

It is not detecting the i2c device. No address is showing.
Is it a problem with arh linux on banana pro?
I tried it on banana pi m2 , it detected i2c.It had rasbian on it.
It is not detecting the I2C devices on banana pro with arh linux.Can you confirm and reply please.

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