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Dear all.
I’ve tried to open the Android rom img from LeMaker
But I couldn’t open with below message.
[Firmware does not support the tools to modify, make sure that the firmware version]

Actually I’ve succeed to open K-70(an Android tablet) image from below link.
But, It can open the k-70 image only, not the LeMakers.

I think many people can open the rom img of LeMaker, via Dragonface.
What condition(OS, Dragonface, Android rom) have you use when you open the rom img?

I’ve tested on below condition.

(1) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86/64 Korean and English
(2) Dragonface: 2.0.7, 2.1.5, 2.2.3
(3) Android Rom:
Android For BananaPro 7LCDTP v1503
Android For BananaPro v1503
Android For BananaPro v1412
Android For Banana Pi v2.0

You must be to download a new one ,that it 's version v2.2.3 or update to the last version(2.2.3).
My DragonFace's version is v2.0.6 to update.It can open Android Rom for  BananaPro Android Rom.

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