LeMaker BL050-RGB-002 - Is it touch screen?

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Hi everyone,

A friend bought me a LeMaker 5" LCD_Module as a present, and says it is a touch screen.

The model number is BL050-RGB-002 and there is a CN02 connection at the back which does not appear to be connected to anything.

My guess is that it is not a touch screen, but the lack of documentation on this product, and since I'm not the one who bought it, makes it difficult to confirm.

Of course when I plug it in and install the drivers, touch isn't working ;)

Anyone knows how to confirm that this is not a touch screen version?

Thanks in advance!  Please check here to identify the LCD type.

tony_zhang replied at Mon Jul 13, 2015 21:42  Please check here to identify the LCD type.

Thanks a lot, tony_zhangThat's exactly what I needed.

My LCD is indeed not touch.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi tony_zhang,

I also bought the 5 inch LCD BL050-RGB-002  and I know for sure it is the touch screen version. However, it only came with the flat cable that connects the display. There was no cable for the CN2 connector, and I don't know what it would connect to on my Banana Pro. Is it possible to get touchscreen functionality with this LCD and the Banana Pro?


I believe you need to purchase a 4-wire resistive touch screen separately, as there is a connector mounted, odds are that there is an on-board resistive touch screen controller.

atmelino replied at Thu Jul 23, 2015 16:16
Hi tony_zhang,

I also bought the 5 inch LCD BL050-RGB-002  and I know for sure it is the touch scre ...

From your picture, the CN2 has already conections to the TP

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Ok, I found out what the problem was: I needed to load the touch screen driver:
  1. sudo modprobe ft5x_ts
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Description is here:

Now it works!

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