Will RPi camera work on BananaPi?

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Hello, i am currently using a RPi for various academic projects, but me and my team are thinking of upgrading to either Cubieboard or BananaPi.
The question is, will the Raspberry Pi camera, work the same way on the banana Pi?

Does the image you provide include programms like Raspistill and Raspicam, that are included in the original Raspbian OS?
Thank you....
The Rpi Camera does not work with Bpi board. I learned it the hard way... worst of all, the Bpi camera will not be ready until a few more months.

Not only that. The Bpi has analog input for audio, mic, FM. But you cannot use them, because the drivers are not ready. I have posted questions about these drivers and there is absolutely no answer. So, this means support is not good either.

I found the CSI connectors of BPi and RPi are different.  They also connect to different SoC chip.  That mean we can NOT use current BPi camera module or Pi NoIR directly.

I see... Too bad, it'd be a really good option for us IF it would have more support and ready-to-use hardware. We'll see in the future I guess what the evolution of this product will be, so we can judge it better...

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Yes, it's pity.  However, I think this board is not to copy RPi.  RPi has lots of efforts for educational charities task and projects.  Could be positive if this board also support current RPi project.  Will see how it goes later.

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The Lemaker group are working hard to solve this problem. We have some Beta version, but we should test it many times , and then distribute.

the Banana Pi do not support RPi camera now,but The Lemaker group will solve this ,please give much times .

for the moment being an adapter would be pretty much appreciated
can anyone help in making it ?

Lemaker will have a 5MP camera available soon.


The cameras are being tested now (according to my information)

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