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Edited by lebies at Sun Jul 5, 2015 09:52

I was looking at the Banana Pi (pro) for a camera project I'm about to begin but after going through the forums and other media I'm not sure I want to go with that just yet - too much still to do and too much negative feedback for me to bet on it right now.

However, the Guitar looks to be a really good candidate for this project. I'm just concerned it's going to take too long to get going properly (i.e. stable enough to use in a project)!?

The other thing that's worrisome is finding vendors to buy from. I've been buying off AliExpress for a long while now and a search for 'lemaker' returns nothing. 'banana pi' returns a few links but none of those stores mention LeMaker. For example, I'm assuming this one has nothing to do with lemaker??!!
Are an affiliated site/company (maybe even LeMaker)? They have an impressive range  of boards at reasonable prices but I have no idea who I'm buying from. They also have the BPI-D1 camera module.  
I'm a serious buyer but I need a lot more confidence in being able to source boards (of all sorts) you are putting the hype up for on your pages.

Where can I get updates/progress on availability of the products / lines you are wanting to market?

I'm sure many of these 'issues' will be sorted out, the big question I have is WHEN? What sort of timing (realistically) can we expect. Not the marketing-ware - the real-deal please .


what are you going to do with the Guitar Board ?

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