Mali GPU driver

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Reply 10# nnn2

Hi nnn2,
Dude awesome, i cant wait to try this.

I'm using the bananapi_bsp, so it should take care of step 1 (i saw mali.ko and also ump.ko sitting in the output directory), i think the only thing i need to modify is the default Bananapi.fex file prior to the make process to get the correct settings in the script.bin file then i dont need to convert it.

Untill then...

This is a large step forward
Hope this can be integrated into all the XBMC code somehow.
What OS are you using?

If XBMC use "mplayer" like player it's ok.

Reply 12# ChicagoBob

   debian wheezy. Started with raspbian, used debootstrap to generate ~150 MB rootfs, switched to it and installed remaining software. Configured etc, now works perfectly from the boot.
Actually, here is a first version. Download, unpack (you'll need 7zip), burn to sd card (exactly like raspbian etc), boot. It fits on 1 GB card! If you have bigger one you might want to resize the partition to have more space, by default it's 950 MB partition and ~120 MB is free.

Will boot straight to desktop, all drivers are configured and ready to use. HDMI audio, subtitles, accelerated video all work.

You just have to:
- connect mouse/keyboard and monitor (works perfectly with 720p tv as well as LG 1080p monitor - uses native resolution)
- connect pendrive, external disk etc with your movie - or network cable
- mount the resource for example:

  1. mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
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to mount pendrive/disk


  1. mount -t cifs //your.server.ip/share /mnt -o username=youruser,password=yourpassword
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to mount samba share (this is really beyond this guide, look it up ^^)

and double click the movie you want to play

Here is download, hope it works for you, and any suggestions/bugs etc let me know.

Torrent: http://antifa.pw/banana.7z.torrent  (use this if possible!)
Direct: http://antifa.pw/banana.7z

Reply 14# nnn2

Nice image, it works very nice, but what is the password for bananapi user or root?

user banana password bananapi1

user root password 276b77ad5986f9268bec

you can use sudo from banana user.

So how is the testing? Movies work for you?

Reply 16# nnn2

Hi nnn2,
thanks man...

No i didn't test it yet, what i was actually gonna do, was use your build to try to compile xbmc as you have successfully get HWA working on the mali gpu. But i could give it a try tommorow for you, should not be a problem.

Reply 17# Juni

   I spent last 10 hours trying to even compile xbmc

It's super broken when trying to use GLES ...

Reply 18# nnn2

hahahah... I know...

Which sources are you trying to compile, xbmca10 or a other one?

Reply 19# Juni

   Started with xbmc-11 (apt-get source xbmc, edited debian/rules to add GLES..), that failed. Went on to xbmc-13 (gotham) - also failed. Now another try with xbmca10 and so far I'm as far as I ever was, crosses fingers

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