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Aahhh... the normal xbmc sources does not have support voor mali gpu, thats why you will have to use the xbmca10 sources... I have successfully build those sources. The only problem I had was with to includes in two files. But I dont remember the names... The problem I had was because I was using the newer samba I had to change the includes from samba/samba.h to samba4.0/samba.h. maybe you will not get stuck on that because you are using an older debian version. I had the problem with ubuntu trusty. But as soon as I get to that point again and if you still stuck with compiling it I will gladly help.

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   Can you please share the configure line? And how did you compile? ./bootstrap then ./configure ... then make ?
I had a couple problems with errors like:

  1. error: ‘class CLinuxRendererGLES’ has no member named ‘AddProcessor’
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but managed to fix by editing Makefile and adding -DALLWINNER10 to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS. So far it's still running


Thank for the IMG.

I tested it yesterday, hardware divedo decoding works fine, i played a 1080p video with no problem, no deep testing because it was late nigth.

I´m now at worck so i can´t do more testing , i´ll report some test this nigth. And some littel problems with the sistem.

I´ll also try to compile XBMC


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I used the following post to build the xbmca10 sources:http://linux-sunxi.org/XBMC

If you use the above guide you dont have to add those compiler flags because they are already included, look at https://github.com/rellla/xbmca1 ... /depends/depends.mk

Did you make any progress? I'm now starting with the build process..

I installed XBMC from lubuntu's repository and it will boot. But it has a major lag that makes navigation and usage impossible.

Thanks for compiling the video driver. I'm going to test this out.

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Hi guys i have successfully compiled the xbmca10 sources on the nnn2 image... It compiled rights away but because i'm not home at this moment and was compliling it remotely i can not test to verify that xbmc is actually working. As soon as i get home i will update you guys on this....

This is one of the most exciting things to see happening in a while.

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Hi guys,

I just got home, and have wonderfull news, xbmc is working on the nnn2 image. I did test fully tested it but I can configurm that xbmc starts. I will try to stream something in a few minutes and let you guys know if HWA is working!!!

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XBMC is working very well only one problem, when streaming a 1080p video from mashup the video starts but the screen if black, I can see the progress bar moving and the fanart, also when pressing the o button to display the codecinfo I can see it, but the screen stays black. The codec info show dc:A10 so I guess HWA is working. Further more it streams at 9.54 fps and both cpu's spikes between 5% and 18%.

Beeing that said, the xbmc user experience is very pleasant, better than RPi. It is a lot smoother and reacts very fast.

What I will try next is to try fixing the black screen issue and have xbmc start without running x-server.

Why didn't it work for me then :F

I tried ./bootstrap ./configure and manually editing Makefile ... it did work in the end, but produced xbmc.bin didn't.

You compiled it by going to tools/a10/depends, make, then make -C xbmc ?
You did it on the board itself?

Anyway, share the goodies please. And did you try using mplayer as external player?

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