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Hi nnn2,

This is what I did:

1) apt-get update
2) apt-get upgrade
3) apt-get build-dep xbmc (here you will receive an error, this was because your debian image was missing some sources, you will have to add the sources, I googled and found it very fast, but i'm not home at the moment, otherwise I would send them to you)
4) apt-get install swig default-jre libgtk2.0-bin libssh-4 libssh-dev
5) echo -e "\nA10HWR=1" >> /etc/environment (first sudo /bin/bash, otherwise you will not be able to write to /etc/environment)

** The following steps 6 to 8 I think you can skipped them, because BNPi has enough memory
6) dd if=/dev/zero of=/swap bs=1M count=384
7) mkswap -c /swap
8) swapon /swap

** Here I mounted a extra usb stick for storage and did the compiling on it, because I think I would have better performance that on the SD card (ADATA S102 Pro 8GB USB stick)
9) apt-get install git
10) git clone git://github.com/rellla/xbmca10.git
11) cd xbmca10
12) git checkout stage/Frodo

13) cd tools/a10/depends
14) make
15) make -C xbmc
16) cd ../../../
17) make install

I simply followed the guides every steps without omitting none of them and using the image you posted the other day, with guide I mean http://linux-sunxi.org/XBMC.

No I did not try using mplayer yet, because I wanted to get rid of Xserver first and have xbmc running without the XServer overhead and also try to figure out the black screen problem when streaming. What I saw was that it happen when streaming a full hd movie from mashup. One thing thoug, I tried streaming a youtube video and that time the screen was not black, I could see the video but had no sound.

Ah thanks, I missed the step with /etc/environment. Guess I need to try again ;^

Hi guys, so amazing progress! Thanks for your sharing!

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   Ok, finally managed to  compile it \o/
And as a matter of fact - this thing works without X11. You can stop X with /etc/init.d/lightdm stop and then run ./xbmc.bin

There is one problem with it though, blinking white cursor on top of xbmc. And this xbmc doesn't play movies anyway

Digging in to configure it differently. I actually want it to use X11 since it's accelerated with mali.

Guys, so far I was able to compile XBMC some weeks ago like posted here:

http://forum.lemaker.org/redirec ... 07&fromuid=1212

We are more or less near to the same point coming from different routes. BTW great.

@Juni, you have a different kernel with some different options. I would ask you to try mplayer as external player and look how react it. you need to setup playercorefactory.xml. If you already tryed it, you could and let me know if it works. I can share you the file.


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Hi Simon,
If you send me the xml file I will gladly test it for you and let you now the result. From what I heard, it should work without problems, the only difference is that the player loads outside xbmc and you dont have the possibilties of the osd. Send me the file and I will test it....

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Hi Simon,
If you send me the xml file I will gladly test it for you and let you now  ...
Juni Posted at 2014-7-26 15:30

Uh, I hope it works.As written before, I'm at the point where the player works perfectly from command line and XBMC works perfectly expect HD video acceleration. The only missing part would to use mplayer as external player in XBMC, but here is where i stop. It's still possible the tons of compiling tests had set some issues in my setup. So, stop writing, give me time to boot BananaPi and I'll send you my playercorefactory.xml!
15 minutes....

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Guys, I know the xbmc is the ultimate target and player we want. But in the meantime, what if we made a simple and WORKING interface that will launch mplayer? I was thinking of going this route now, and have:

- automatic mount for pendrive/usb disk/sata disk if connected
- configure the IR device (simple dialog asking for keypresses) - my system image actually has a utility that maps "keyboard" presses from IR device, and my script.bin also has IR enabled. Just needs to be used.
- simple interface to add NFS/SMB/other network resources
- index all found sources (as above), maybe plug to imdb to get proper names (strip out torrenting group etc ;)), plot, rating, cover etc.
- display list in nice form, in simple, fullscreen app
- start the mplayer in fullscreen

What do you think? Would it be worth pursuing for now? Seeing as all we have now is half-assed xbmc port, of outdated version at that, and that doesn't even work ;)

Edit: HOOOLD OOOONNNNNNN a moment, I have another idea. Popcorn Time! In short, it's a program that has a list of all movies released on torrents, in any quality, and can automatically download & play it, as well as has nice cover, plot, rating etc. And it's really nice looking.

I think I'll let you play with the hell of xbmc, and I'll take something more sane for fun ^^

Here we are!

Place this file into '~/.xbmc/userdata/':
I.e. if you run it as root, the file should be here:


Look in xbmc.log that it's correctly loaded and it starts to play the video with it. I've tested most of the time this video:


Source: http://www.auby.no/files/video_tests/

Some notes about the parameters of mplayer, I've tested these days:

--ontop -> force to set it ontop of the other windows
-fs -> starts fullscreen
-ao alsa:device=hw=1.0 -> audio output to alsa device card 1.0, it means on HDMI ('#aplay -l' for list)
-ac hwac3,hwdts,hwmpa,spdifac3,spdifeac3,spdifaac,spdifdts,spdifmpa,spdifthd,dts,ffaac -> set the priority to the audio codecs. This is important because in this way it enables audio passthrough via HDMI enable then to send it raw to an external source like a home theater decoder or whatever. For me an important part. By default it makes recoding to 2channel audio.
-vo vdpau -> output to vdpau, also sunxi drivers
-vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau -> forces video codecs to hardware ones.

So, without XBMC the system is ready to do all. I'm missing only this littttle integration. Hope your kernel gives the right answers. Other players (mpv, cvlc) focused me to errors like rgba osd rendering (mpv). I think there is the issue that creates this behaviour, at least under Lubuntu 14.04.

Let me know. I hope it works.

Bye, Simon


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playercorefactory for mplayer

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I think I'll let you play with the hell of xbmc, and I'll take something more sane for fun ^^
nnn2 Posted at 2014-7-26 16:06

   THIS IS the solution!


Jokes apart, we'll do it, the finish line is really near

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