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Hi,nnn2! Thanks for the Img, I need it long time ago!

Hi, I've tried the image as well - works fine.

I can even confirm that the mplayer can play 1080p 50fps mkv without any struggle. What a little beast!

I'd like to ask one question though: my banana pi only runs in 720p mode. Is that a bug or a feature? If I remember correctly, Raspberry pi was giving 1080p output..
edit: fixed 1080p60 -> 1080p50

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   It should detect your display, but if that fails it will fallback to 720p. You can edit uEnv.txt to change that.
For me it works properly, tested with 720p tv and 1080p monitor - detects both just fine.

Now I'm working on a simple interface for movies, stay tuned :^

This so far talks about Debian, can this solution be ported to XBMC Android?

On Android XBMC is already working, and with final Gotham release

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What? You have hardware acceleration working for XMBC and it has HD hardware acceleration? I have Gotham loaded, maybe not the final, but it can not playback HD clips and is not hardware accelerated.
So you are saying just download the latest?

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Hi Simon,

I have tried the xml file, but I god the same problems as experience by nnn2. Blinking cursor and that the player was loaded behind xbmc. furthermore because I was using another image with another mplayer install the --ontop param did not work. What I was able to resolve was the audio problem it was fixed by adding a asound.conf file, and the blinking cursus was fix by doing setterm -cursor off.

Because I wanted xbmc to run in framebuffer mode, I compiled my own kernel and installed a Ubuntu 14.04 lts. I could successfully compiled xbmc and could run it but again I had no screen.

What I'm going to do now is test arch Linux as a saw that there is a new xbmca10 (cubieboard 2 version) available and will like to try it out to see if a get different results...

Good work by the way with Android, have you implemented HWA?

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Hi Simon,

I have tried the xml file, but I god the same problems as experience by n ...
Juni Posted at 2014-7-28 13:43

Yess, with Android all is working well, hardware acceleration too.I've made some steps further with Lubuntu image. If I can test successfully some parts, I'll let you know tomorrow.



Any one tried to build an OpenELEC version for Banana Pi?

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That's what we need for sure!!! Maybe to wishful thinking for now...

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