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Wait!!!! Now I can play videos in console mode.
I think, maybe what changed is the fact that I added the user to the video and audio groups but was missing the user in the audio group which made the video load but not play. Adding user to the audio group also fixed the sound for mame in console mode and that was how I came across it. Unless I installed something......
  1. sudo usermod -a -G video banana

  2. sudo usermod -a -G audio banana
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Can others test this to confirm it?

You mean just "mplayer movie.mp4" etc? Look at my script, it just sets few environment variables (which I needed due to how it's spawned through xdg-open when you double click). You can put those variables in your ~/.bashrc or something and then "mplayer" should work fine.
I think the user should already be in audio and video groups, weird :/

gnome-mplayer should work with your mplayer-wrapper script.  
Just change to:
exec /usr/bin/gnome-mplayer --fullscreen @"
Is there a way I can use gnome-mplayer directly without using mplayer-wrapper script?

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   Yes, just make sure the environment variables are set properly (eg. VDPAU_DRIVER etc, all that stuff that you find in mplayer-wrapper)

@nnn2 I love you for post #6 and #10, thank you so much!

Is the video acceleration working in the android OS? Through xbmc or inbuilt android players like mx player ? i will be getting the banana pi if video acceleration is working in android.

Is the video acceleration working in the android OS? Through xbmc or inbuilt android players like mx ...
vicedens2002 Posted at 2014-9-2 04:42

   me too ! Is VLC-android hardware decoding works well in bpi android ?

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Hi nnn2. I am still struggling with the HDMI audio in Arch. How did you fix that? I tried to pass to the kernel the argument disp.hdmi_audio=1, but it did not help. Thanks

On a separate note, at the link below, it talks about specialised mali driver for A20. The repo seems to be quite old, and not maintained since 2013. I wonder if anybody looked into this.
Advanced topic: Using more recent Mali drivers
The Mali-400MP2 used in the A20 chip has two pixel processor cores, as opposed only one in the A10's Mali-400. The standard Mali driver (r3p0) does not utilize the second pixel processor, while a more recent one (3p2) does. The r3p2 version of the Mali driver also seems to have other performance benefits. To use the r3p2 mali driver, a few steps have to be taken:
  • A kernel with the r3p2 Mali kernel driver must be used. An example is ssvb's 20130913-mali-r3p2-01rel2 branch of linux-sunxi (https://github.com/ssvb/linux-sunxi.git). Note that this kernel does not include G2D (bitblt) acceleration, but that is generally not a critical performance issue with the A20.
  • The userspace mali drivers must be updated to r3p2. This is automatically handled by the mali drivers at https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-mali.git after updating the submodules.
  • The mali-r3p2-support branch of the xf86-video-fbturbo xorg driver must be installed.

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me too ! Is VLC-android hardware decoding works well in bpi android ?
xiaofans Posted at 2014-9-2 20:55

I tried VLC for Android Beta 0.9.9 and it's the fastest running player so far with full hardware acceleration (anything else doesn't work well). I tried quite a few players using the same video (AVC codec) and many aren't supporting subs inside the mkv container. BSPlayer does but the subs are delayed unlike VLC. Sadly the other video I tested (AVC High10) only plays sound but has problems with all players (not playing at all or as a slide show...).
Btw, it doesn't seem to make a difference if I use Android Surface or OpenGL ES 2.0 as video output.

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Is there an image with this system somewhere?

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