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My Smart house abd home dashboard

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I did some improvements on Domestik by implementing "custom reports".

As example, my house electricity consumption and production

100% BananaPI made

My tablet is now running Gentoo and yesterday, for the 1st time, it did successfully connect it to my network

I still have some cleaning to do (and potentially reinstall with a uLibc Gentoo as the "normal" one takes about 70% of my 1G card), but I'm now able to focus on the dashboard itself.

Such tablet are a good opportunity vs a full BananaPI + LCD for dashboard usage (it can be found new for about 50$, sometime less) and cost nothing in second hand market

Mine saved my BananaPro for more decent usage

Hello all,

I've put on my website the history of this tablet salvage as well as the procedure to boot on Gentoo.

I made a Proof Of Concept of the dashboard it self, and the result is the attached photo.
As said, it's only a POC so lot of graphical works remain.

The very good news is the Tablet consumes only b/w 1 and 3watts ... really better than a TV



I finalized the v1.0 of my dashboard

In attachement a screen grab. From left to right : Electricity production and consumption, several temperature in the house, and short terme  weather forcast.
Bellow, the tablet health, and long terme weather forcast.

In the next version, temperature and forcast will share the same animated space (temperatures, weather, ... will be displayed alternatively) : I have to many probe for such static display.

Data are individualy updated as data arrive.



I went through the code details which you have shared here. Hope the people who are going through the site will get some information about the same. I have gone through it and it works well. Thank you.printer offline error

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