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I just bought a Banana Pro board, i`m new in this domain, and i want some recomandation if you want to help me.

I want to know whith SO recomanded, some SO whith minimal resource usage,  if  i want to view Full HD movie from the Banana Pro and to make simple aplication whith GPIO pins.

Thank you.
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Not sure if there is possible everything with just one distro...
Maybe you should try and see which is best for you...
For minimal resources but no acceleration, Bananian: https://www.bananian.org/
For maximum compatibility with Raspberry Pi and GPIO, Raspbian: http://www.lemaker.org/article-17-1.html
For better multimedia performance, Android: http://www.lemaker.org/forum.php ... d=9261&fromuid=1602
Although this looks interesting too:

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