Banana Pro stopped functioning.....

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I bought a new banana pro last week in India from dealer on eBay.
I was able to setup  banian OS and use the new SBC for 2 days with minor issues.
However, was unable to use it with a powered USB hub which works fine with my raspberry Pi B+ Mode.

Meanwhile, while working on connecting a external hard disk,  connected the powered USB hub first and later powered the SBC board.
The whole unit has stopped working now. No lights on SBC glows, Red,green. Tried different power supplies but no change.
Visually inspected the board, no signs of any damage appears or burn out though.

I have been working with various boards for past 2 years and never encountered such a issue with any of them.

Checked with dealer and was told 'No manufacture warranty in India'.
Now stuck with a non-functional board and nowhere to go.

Can anyone recommend what can be done? Is the board gone, to be thrown away ??

You should try to access via serial connection for debug:
http://wiki.lemaker.org/BananaPr ... the_TTL_serial_port

I doubt that the powered USB hub has backwards the current into Banana Pro.
Please remove all the external device from Banana Pro, and just power the Banana Pro independently.

Thanks for your recommendations

I do not have any devices connected only an external power cable connected to micro usb port to power the board. Board seems to be dead on power on.

I will try once again and check the serial debug option

I tried using serial USB connector, there is no response from the device.
I can feel the AX209p chip getting hot on connecting to power supply.
However, none of the led lights gets switched on, nor any output from HDMI

I believe, there is no alternative now. But to go for a new board only.

As a last ditch attempt you could try checking if the diode marked "D4" is fried.

If the diode is ok try removing the "U9" boost converter and then power up the board.

some smd soldering skills are called for...

sashijoseph replied at Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:47
As a last ditch attempt you could try checking if the diode marked "D4" is fried.

If the diode is o ...


Thanks for your recommendation

It seems you are right, diode D4 seems to have become defective. I desoldered one end of the SMD D4 diode, now the RED led power comes on.
However no HDMI signal or no serial port communications works. Not sure, where I can get 'SS24' diode in India. I could not see in any of the online stores. Are there any alternatives to this 40V,2A, Scoktty diode ?

It is available with Element14...you can order through "KitsnSpares"

else you could use the commonly available thru hole part 1N5822,at the risk of making the board ugly.

Thanks. I will check


I replaced the SS24 SMD with IN5822 diode, there was no change, only RED led. Later as per suggestion removed the "U9" boost converter, then GREEN LED is also ON now. I used Raspian for Banian on microSD connected to Ethernet and HDMI display. I can see BLUE LED also flickering along with RED and GREEN. Ethernet port LED also flickers. However there is no display via HDMI. Tried serial debug, not connecting.

Edited the UenV script and removed reference to EDID: in display mode parameter. But no HDMI display

IS the display part of the board has gone faulty ? Can anyone suggest

Thanks for all the help till now. I

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