Writing OS onto SD Card

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So I have done some work with raspberry pi's and I just got my first banana pro.  So I downloaded the raspbian for banana pro onto my laptop(running windows 8) and then tried to write the image using windisk32 but the file woul not come up. So after doing some research I saw that I couldn't use windisk32 but I needed PhoenixCard, so I downloaded phoenixcard 3.06 i believe and when I try to run it, nothing opens up.  I saw a little notice that said it may not be compatible with my computer. I didn't know if there was a way to configure it to be compatible with windos 8 or if there was another program altogether that could write the image onto my sd card?
For Android you should download this version of PhoenixCard: ... 2s/edit?usp=sharing

And I tried this version of Android which works very well: ... 61&fromuid=1602

That is the download I used and it downloads fine and the files extract, but when I click to run it, nothing happens. I give it permission to make changes to my computer but then it just sits there not running. Does it matter that I'm running it on windows?

It is for Windows... I have win 8.1

I would say downloading a software is easy work as compare with the writing work which I have seen on the site and able to understand the dificulty in writing work.

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Thank you for the details information on this topic.

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