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I just discovered this project today when I saw it on a Newegg special.  The addition of a SATA port on the Banana Pi and Pro makes it a huge step in the right direction for my type of work (I'm a data recovery engineer).  I'd love to see a storage NAS version which had USB 3.0 (even just one port) and multiple SATA ports (maybe up to 4).  Even if the price were a bit higher, it'd make it better suited to making homebrew NAS boxes either running Linux or possibly FreeNAS.

Personally I'm considering setting a few up one as a sort of "data recovery black box" for remote work with some of our company's resellers.  Only major drawback is USB 2.0 which would seriously impact speed when using applicaitons like dd and ddrescue to read from a drive on the SATA port over to one on the USB.

How do think of Guitar which has USB3.0? If we add a hub to get more USB3.0 on Guitar, how do you think of the performance?

The SATA port on A10/A20 came more by accident than by demand (who on earth needs SATA in a tablet? And this is where these SoCs come from). But rumours say that we can expect a quad core SoC with SATA and GBit Ethernet from Allwinner rather sooner than later.

You find some informations here (there's nothing special regarding Banana Pi -- all of the boards capabilities are based on the SoC in use): http://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi_dev ... le_ARM_alternatives

If you need 4 SATA ports and USB 3.0 choose an x86 design with eg. J1800/J1900 instead.

GREATE NEWS : Tony, we're looking for a cheap 4 cores Banana with Sata

As per my experience with my Bananas, I'm convinced such SBC can replace lot of intel based home automation, and if one day, AllWiner, decide really help open source community with GPU drivers, quadcore + SATA + HDMI / LCD + GMAC would be really a killer for domestic PC usage (but games).

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