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Banana Pi + CT Ewell Case (Part 6 - LCD Display)

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Hi Everyone!
I would like to add this as an update to this post:

It's being a while since my last post, but I realized that on the second part of this project log (http://www.lemaker.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9802&fromuid=1602) I only mentioned the LCD display but not much more.

That's why I want to elaborate a bit more about it.
I already mentioned this is the display in question:
It's a USB 20X4 LCD Smartie Kit Starter with a blue background and white characters.

I liked the colors, specially because it will be a nice change to the red and black of the Raspberry Pi's LCD display.
The idea was to have a headless device but with a little display to monitor it's functioning, under Raspbian.
I also explained how I mounted inside a Cubietruck Ewel case, but here something else about the software.

The advantage of this type of displays is they are easy to connect and full compatible with lcdproc:
This program has a variety of monitoring tools and can be adapted to any needs.
It has a server and a lot of clients to display the info:

Here there are some basic instructions:
Then edit /etc/LCDd.conf, search for [hd44780] and change some lines for 20x4 display:
  1. Device=/dev/ttyS0
  2. Speed=0
  3. Keypad=no
  4. Contrast=800
  5. Brightness=700
  6. OffBrightness=700
  7. Backlight=yes
  8. OutputPort=no
  9. Size=20x4
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Then activate on /etc/lcdproc.conf the screens you want to see by changing:
  1. Active=False
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  1. Active=True
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In my case this is how it resulted by selecting 6 different rotating screens (click on pictures to expand):

Here some extra info about lcdproc:
http://lcdproc.sourceforge.net/d ... 2usb-config.example

Hope you liked it!
See you soon!
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