Any good cases?

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So I ordered the acrylic case for the banana pro but when I went to assemble it, half of the screw holes did not lign up on the board and many buttons were left unaccessible (3.5 mm port, power/reset button...etc) I wanted to know if there are any good cases out there or if I'm just better off building my own?
So far I don't see any. Acrylic cases break easily, I won't prefer.

BP produces fairly amount of heat, this makes me not quite sure about the tiny plastic boxes.

madwyn replied at Wed Jul 22, 2015 05:57
BP produces fairly amount of heat

And all parts that heat up are on the bottom side of the PCB and therefore all available cases for Banana Pi/Pro are simply crap (does not apply to SinoVoip's M1+ where SoC, PMU and DRAM are on the upper side of the PCB).

All commercially available enclosures ignore the thermal challenges of Banana Pi/Pro and provoke overheating.

My acrylic case (type and producer unknown, from private seller at ebay) has a big circular hole on the upper side where the LEDs are and elongated holes/slots where the CPU sits, so I just run it upside down.
Obviously only works until you want to use the I/O pins because then cables come out the big hole.

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