LCD 16x2 Hitachi HD44780 on BPI, cannot display any text

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a LCD 16x2 HD44780 for my Banana Pi. I want to use it to display the Temp of the pi and the current time. My problem, every script i was trying out the last days, no one worked. I have nearly no experience with python or c /c++, so i need help. I attached the pins like it was described in every script. I attach the scripts here.
I can control the contrast via my variabel resistor -->working
background lights -- > working

I hope someone knows the solution for this problem.

Many thanks in advance.

P.S. sry for my bad english :-)

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I assume you followed this tutorial: ... spberry-pi/overview
You should run this on latest Raspbian under sudo command, as recommended here: ... 92&fromuid=1602

Sorry for my late answer, the LeMaker site was so slow the last days. I have the latest RB installed, and also did ,,rpi-update". I executed all commands under the user root, and i got outputs like ,,BAPI Rev 2.0" and else. But no text showed up on the LCD. The wiring was correct. I also tried to execute the scripts with the sudo command, but nothing worked. I have the latest wiringpi from the lemaker github for the bananapi and the RB-Image "Raspbian For BananaPi v1412" installed.

rvdns11 replied at Sun Aug 9, 2015 04:40
Sorry for my late answer, the LeMaker site was so slow the last days. I have the latest RB installed ...

I also have a problem with the LCD. I do not see. I bet some problem in wiringBP. I use Bananian

My code:
I use LN IO module

Last year, I have used wiringPi and RPi.GPIO for Banana Pro version to test the LCD1602 module: ... &highlight=1602

The only I change in the source code is the pin definition according to my own connections. So please first make sure your connections is right.

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