Lubuntu hangs on shutdown or restart... help?

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I've got a fresh install of Lubuntu Linux 14.04.3, Linux 3.4.103 on armv7l on a Banana Pi. I've reformatted and reinstalled the SD card 3 times now and the same problem persists.

Basically whenever I restart or shutdown (I always do this via SSH, as it's going to be used as a headless server), the system just hangs and never restarts or shutdown. Occasionally I'll get some output to the screen, if connected. but somtimes after connecting a screen I just get a black screen with nothing or a flashing '_' prompt and I can't input any further text.

I've tried to search through /var/log/ to see if there's a log for shutdown commands but can't seem to find anything of help. Can someone point me in the right direction for how to troubleshoot this issue.

Seems odd as I have an identical Banana Pi with the same OS (I did buy this 7 months ago) and never had this issue when first installing Lubuntu. As far as I can remember.
Try to force shutdown and reboot with somthing like "sudo halt -f -p" or "sudo reboot -f"

I worked it out. I'd stupidly installed the Banana Pi pro img and not the standard Pi image.

Banana Pi Lubunutu image -- correct one

Banana Pro Pi Lubunutu Image -- wrong one

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