I need to update kernel to 3.16 or newer

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Hey all,

I have purchased a BananaPi to use as a TV Server using TVHeadend. My problem is, the USB DVB devices require kernel 3.16 minimum to work.
Is there a way I can upgrade the kernel?

The DVB devices are
  • Pctv 292e DVB-T2
  • Pctv 461eDVB-S2

Im using the latest Raspbian


Get latest armbian ... best chances that you make your devices work.

Kernel 4.1.4, dev environment, headers present.


Ive just tried the Bananapi_Debian_3.2_jessie_4.1.2 but it doesnt seem to see any of my usb dvb devices.
The standard raspbian can see 1 out of my 3 devices.

I used the following commands

usb-devices - which listed on of my devices
dmesg | grep 'dvb' - which displayed all the device in the standard raspbian with 3.14 but displayed nothing in Bananapi_Debian_3.2_jessie_4.1.2

Is there any advice. maybe i can rebuild the kernel with the dvb modules?

There are three options:

First. I can enable devices if they are present in kernel. Do some research and check the config: ... x-sunxi-next.config

Second. Do first yourself ;)

Third. You can try to compile modules only by yourself. My images are fully prepared to do so and in most cases build is successful.

Usual procedure:
- get source
- make ARCH=arm

& install if working.

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