No AV/Composite/RCA signal on Banana Pro

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I just got my Banana Pro and installed Raspian for BananaPro on a SD card and tried to boot it using a TV connected through the AV as a display. I can see all the leds blinking up to the point that the red led stays fixed and the green is blinking but I get no image on the TV. I've tried connecting the Banana Pro to another TV that supports HDMI and it is working fine that connection but I can't get any signal on AV on any TV.

I've also tried to updating script.bin as described in other forum posts (like this: using mac bin2fex/fex2bin (I'm on a Mac) — though I understand this is no longer necessary and the process description has been in fact removed from the Wiki — but even with that change I can still get no signal.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening and what do I have to do?

Thanks in advance!
Try with Android, it should work without doing any modifications.
If that is the case then you should try again on Raspbian by modifying script.bin: ... 57&fromuid=1602 ... 57&fromuid=1602
But if it doesn't work , then it could be the connection cable: ... 17&fromuid=1602

Thanks for your reply.

I can't install Android without Windows and I'm on a Mac (I tried to on a Windows VM but I couldn't get the SD card reader to work properly) but I tried to change Raspbian's script.bin again and this time around I noticed that you can see a very faint moving shadow of the image but no more than that. I tried 2 different cables (and 2 TV sets) and still the same result.

Any ideas? Could the board be malfunctioning?

It's working! It was not the cable(s) but the fact that it was inserted too deep in the Banana Pro A/V connector.

I now have the problem, though, that the image is too big for my old 4:3 screen and a big portion of it on top, bottom and sides does not fit on my TV screen.

Is there a way to fix this?

Someone mentioned the fbset command here, you should try it: ... 32&fromuid=1602

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