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The Guitar support the system boot from the SD card, and the i can release test image to you in next week.
You can burn the image to SD card by using the dd command in linux system and Win32DiskImager tools in window system.

Releasing the ubuntu image for sd or nand would be great, as we currently have no method to restore the system. My nand partition table got corrupted during a rpi-clone backup (I think it mixed the nand and sd card partitions) and I have nothing to restore it. I'm not really interested in the android image for the moment.
I'll try to check the board using linux and usb-otg, but I already checked it is recognized by windows 7 as an android board.

tkaiser replied at Tue Aug 18, 2015 09:44
Well, if LeMaker didn't supply you with an image you're able to burn on SD-card then my approach is  ...

This week we will privde an image for SD card boot for the people who have guitar. And we have tested that the Debian can expand the root partition successfully, but the ubuntu can not, we wonder if the parted tool version produce the difference.
And when the guitar is for publick sales, we sure provide both images for emmc and sd card, and provde the full instructions on how to install image in SD card and nand, and how to backup the system. At currently, it is a beta for testing, we are receiving bugs and fix bugs.
Also in future, the image for booting from Nand will have a larger root file system.
Always good suggestion from tkaiser.

tony_zhang replied at Sun Aug 23, 2015 22:57
This week we will privde an image for SD card boot for the people who have guitar. And we have tes ...

Hi Tony,
Do you have some news about the beta debian image ?
My guitar board is stuck on boot since a failed rpi-clone to the sdcard and i'm very interested in reviving it in debian

I Like this new product of Lemaker team but I don't have one to make my vídeos reviews

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