Force HDMI and DVI problems?

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Please everyone, is there still no fix for "Android 4.2. does not work using some HDMI-DVI adapters"?

This thread has been going on since 22-7-14 but with still no clear solution.

I followed exactly mattrix's advice in Post#2 to the letter:

Got it to not-autodetect (force HDMI) by changing the System configuration in DragonFace...
...change auto_hpd to a 0 (it's on the very last line of the file)

When I load an image into DragonFace, I always get the message "This firmware cannot support the system function" but confusingly in the bottom left of the screen it also says "Loade [sic] OK" and seems to work as normal.

The only way I could persuade DragonFace to successfully save it was not by overwriting the previous image but by renaming it as a brand new file.

And then I had exactly the same problem as mugs500, PhoenixCard crashes during the burning procedure. (But interestingly, if I take that card and put it into the Pi, it will still boot successfully............but can only be seen via the AV composite video port, not HDMI-DVI.) So it appears changing that value had no effect.

I would really be very thankful if LeMaker or one of the forum contributors can find a workaround to this, as I do not have an HDMI-ready TV or monitor to use, and I do not have the money to buy one either!!!

Or could someone give me some guidelines as to which of these settings below (if any) of the sysconfig1.lhs file would be likely to work using my HDMI to DVI adapter as I know absolutely nothing about how all these modes and resolutions and frequencies work:
;boot display configuration
;output_type  (0:none; 1:lcd; 2:tv; 3:hdmi; 4:vga)
;output_mode  (used for tv/hdmi output, 0:480i 1:576i 2:480p 3:576p 4:720p50 5:720p60 6:1080i50 7:1080i60 8:1080p24 9:1080p50 10:1080p60 11:pal 14:ntsc)
;output_mode  (used for vga output, 0:1680*1050 1:1440*900 2:1360*768 3:1280*1024 4:1024*768 5:800*600 6:640*480 10:1920*1080 11:1280*720)
;auto_hpd     (auto detect hdmi/cvbs/ypbpr plug in)

I've the same problem. Android starts normally and when I want to change e. g. to SETTINGS or even to BROWSER the monitor switches to off and displays a frequency error ("Frequencies not supported"). Looking with a linux system at the SD-card I found a file named displaysetmode which contains only two lines with the digits 3 and 5. I think this numbers are corresponding to output-type and output-mode in mattrix's second post. Changing this entries is possible but at the next boot it will be overwritten. Is there any configuration file similar to the config.txt from the raspbian distribution that can be changed?

Same problem here as roses2at!!!!

I was able to unpack - edit and repack an Android image with the ImgRepacker tool from Redscorpio ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1753473). Then I was able to burn the edited Image with PhoenixCard.

I also had issues with PhoenixCard crashing when trying to brun an Android image edited with DragonFace.

But still no luck with my 4:3 DVI LCD screen. Got anyone a working solution for the DVI-HDMI issue ?

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