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Banana Pro Squeezeplayer - Amplifier

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I have built a working Squeezeplayer / amp system,  (Logitech Media Server, Squeezelite, Jivelite),  

Based on  the  excellent Banana Pi / Pro image of Igor Pecnovnik.  (This comes with I2S support )

Banana Pro     
DIYINHK  I2S PCM 5102A DAC module, jumper wired to Banana Pro I2s pins
Sure Digital Volume Control
Sure Class D stereo Amp 2x50w
Meanwell 24V 6A power supply,  ( Set to 20V,  powering amplifier, Banana Pro, Sure Digital Vol control and 5 in TFT)
dc-dc 24v to 5v 3a converter  (Banana Pro and Sata Drive Supply).
dc-dc 24v to 12v 3a converter  (TFT  and Sure Volume control supply).
3.5 in  Sata Drive.  (Music Library)
5in  CVBS 800x480 TFT  (Jivelite display)

To be completed:-  IR control using FLIRC dongle.

All information required was found  using Google.

NOTE  WELL:-     Only the Banana Pro  exposes the neccessary I2S signals. This will NOT work with a Banana Pi!



Thanks for sharing!

ok, very interesting, but how to set up the all stuff??

Excellent news! Are you able to share an image of your good work with us?

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