Banana Pro + RF24L01

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I am trying to connect an RF24L01 to my banana pro, but nothing is working and I need some basic sanity checking. First off, according to "gpio readall" and the rf24 docs:, my pinout should be:

Physical Pin            Rf24L01
1 (3.3v)           ->    2 (vcc)
6 (gnd)            ->    1 (gnd)
37 (gpio25)    ->     3 (ce)
24 (ce0)          ->     4 (csn)
12 (mosi)        ->     6 (mosi)
14 (sck)          ->     5 (sck)
13 (miso)        ->     7 (miso)

I load the spi driver:

        gpio load spi

I now have 2 spi devices:


I put in the pin numbers for CE (gpio25) and CSN (CE0) into the RF24 constructor like so, in the gettingstarted.cpp example:

        RF24 radio( 37, 24 )

Compile works fine, but running the app core dumps.

I have verified the wiring, but have some doubt about the pinout assumptions. Can someone at least verify I have it wired correctly? What about my pin numbers for the constructor, should these be the physical pin numbers from the 'gpio readall' command? Any idea what to try next here...?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the link, but I already read through that one, that is where I got the detail to load SPI, whcih I did. I also already am using gpio readall to get my pi pro pins. What I don't understand is can I use the physical pin numbers displayed by 'gpio readall' as the constructor parameters to the

     RF24 radio( p1, p2 );

Also it seems people as always using gpio 8, but apparently BPI PRO has no gpio 8. There is however a CE0 pin, so I used that one instead because of some other wiring diagrams pointed in this direction. Please:

#1 - Can I use any of the GPIO data pins for this?
#2 - Do I use the physical pin numbers reported by 'gpio readall' in the RF24 constructor?
#3 - If yes, then what else am I missing....

Thank you in advance...

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