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I'm just starting out with a banana pi and I'm having trouble getting any sort of signal from it.  The red LED comes on, but nothing else.  I have an SD card in that should have a good disk image, but I never seem to get any signal from the HDMI.  I have a 2 amp USB power supply going to the board, so that shouldn't be the problem.  If I plug in the HDMI and the power is not on for the pi it immediately shows "no signal" on the tv screen.  If I have the power on it seems to wait a little while THEN shows "no signal".  What can I do to troubleshoot this?  Are other LED's supposed to come on?  I can't find anything that describes what a bootup looks like, only what I should see AFTER bootup.  What happens if the SD card is no good?  Does it show some sort of post screen or does it just show no signal?  Thanks in advance.

A few more notes: the tv I'm hooking this up to is BIG.  I assume, though, that HDMI doesn't care about that, right?  I mean, it's not like it takes more power to talk to a big tv than a monitor or whatever.
I did connect the power to the wrong USB input at first.  Could that have blown something out?
I am not connecting a keyboard or mouse yet.  I assume that that is ok, though.  I think one website even suggested that the user could just remote in.  I don't have ethernet connected, either, but again, I can't see that causing this particular problem.

There are several possibilities here, but one might actually have caused a real failure and that is you connected power to the wrong place...
See this: ... 42&fromuid=1602 ... 22&fromuid=1602

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