Review of LeMaker Guitar- Kindly Thanks Stephane Guerreau

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Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your reviews and posts.
I am totally agree with you guys with regard to lake of information at the moment.
But to be honest, we shouldn't be this harsh. LeMaker made a product which is not in public yet. So they know it has too many issues.
They generously sent us a trial board for review. Something that normally does not happen with other makers.
I think the best is writing the step-by-step guides and posts when we discover something and request for explanation when we need some information.

I am in contact with LeMaker team and have found that they are quite supportive and of course busy with improving the board.

We should expect much improvement if we collaborate as we voluntary wanted to participate on this review.

Once again, please write a step-by-step guide and share it with others when you found things that worth to share.

Thanks for all your useful posts.

Thanks (A user...)


Thanks for your suggestion. We'll do our best to service our users


totally agree

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