Clone Monitor (HDMI + Composite)

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I have an issue to play same video on two displays (according connecting HDMI and Composite) by Banana Pi. Bananian is installed.
I try to configure board with the following instruction (source of information - :
  1. disp_mode = 4                                     (clone(screen0, screen1, fb0) (2 screens, one standard framebuffer))
  2. screen0_output_type = 3                     (HDMI)
  3. screen0_output_mode = 10                 (1080p60)
  4. screen1_output_type = 2                     (TV)
  5. screen1_output_mode = 11                 (pal)
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But I have two black monitor. Is this mode realised?

Then I try to use oher parameter:
  1. disp_mode = 2                                    (<font color="#000"><font style="background-color:rgb(249, 249, 249)">dualhead(screen0, screen1, fb0, fb1) (2 screens, 2 framebuffers)</font></font>)
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and install the UMP (Unified Memory Provider) and fbturbo driver, setup Xorg configuration (like this -
But clone display doesn't work enough gut.  Second display (Composite) crop small part (about quarter) of first display (HDMI). While the playing video by mplayer on first display, on second display show black window.

If the second display use as extension, I have a problem with players. Сan they show on two displays in my case (must use hardware acceleration)?

P.S. Аnd I have cropping image on TV display anyway. But frame buffer have normal size.

Maybe somebody happen in with the same problems or have any idea. Thanks in advance!
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