A small plea

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Dear potential/future reviewers,

it would be great if you add some valuable informations to your reviews since plain unboxing videos/pictures or mainly copy&paste of specs from LeMaker's site doesn't help anybody. Also it would be great if you keep the focus of the device in mind (an SBC advertised to be compatible to Banana Pro regarding GPIO, camera and displays)

What I'm interested in (and I believe many others as well) is

  • Power consumption (idle, average, under high load -- eg. doing a stress test and while playing video)?
  • Does it make a difference whether one uses a 12V or a 5V PSU when the system's load is identical?
  • Which amount of heat do SoC, PMU and the stepdown converter on the base board produce (the SoC's and PMU's heat dissipation is especially a concern since it's an SBC and the direction of the GPIO header will lead to every available GPIO Add-on board covering SoC and PMU and maybe the stepdown converter as well)?
  • Are consumption, cpufrequency, temperatures available via sysfs (so you can monitor the board, eg. querying /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp or are there other thermal sensors exposed using sysfs)?
  • Playing highres videos in Linux? HW Accelerated or not? Smooth or choppy? Frame drops or not?
  • Very helpful would also be the complete boot output using a serial console to get an idea which bootloader the Guitar currently uses, which kernel modules are loaded and so on... on pastebin.com or something like that.
  • And in case you do benchmarking please do it right

Thx :-)

Thank you for all your ideas, I'll use them for my next video review.

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