Banana Pi Pro LCD and Switch?

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Hi Guys, i just borught an HD44780 can i connect it directly to the GPIO?  ( Without an: dont know the english word and i dont own one)

Are there any Banana Pi (Pro) tutorials for connecting an LCD and Switch for a Pi?

I want to setup a Switch to turn on/off the Wlan of my Router and the LCD to display the CPU temp and whether my Wlan (Router) is on or off.
I already wrote the code for checking the Status and turning it on/off in Python.

See here: ... 17&fromuid=1602
I also have done something with HD44780 but with an USB interface and LCDproc: ... 46&fromuid=1602
BTW, what is in the picture is called "breadboard"

how do i connect the #15? do i rly have to use both 5v ports from the pi just for the one lcd?

w/e solved it myself

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