Restore Systemd on Bananian 15.08

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Hi Guys, I've just upgraded to Bananian 15.08 but when I was asked if I wanted to stay with systemd or get back to SysVinit, I choose the SysVIni option...

I did it without thinking too much and that was dumb because in the past days I've made some work to get all my apps start with systemd scripts.

Is there any chance to get back to systemd on 15.08 without reloading a 15.04 backup and then do the upgrade in the way that suits me?

Thanks everyone!
simply delete /etc/apt/preference.d/systemd and install the package

ok I can understand the part where I have to delete a file but which package should I install?

Also, is not clear to me why I should delete "systemd" file if I want to restore systemd

is /etc/apt/preference.d/systemd a blacklist file to avoid the download of systemd package?

If yes, how do I disable sysvinit once Systemd is restored?

Thanks again for the support

Ok, a bit more detailled and with some background information:
/etc/apt/preferences.d/systemd was introduced with 15.08 to prevent apt from installing any systemd like packages in the future. You have to remove it to be able to install systemd again. Similar to a blacklist, yes.

The package is "systemd" (suprise!) ;)

After reboot it should be safe to remove the sysvinit package.

Bananian replied at Tue Aug 25, 2015 01:10
Ok, a bit more detailled and with some background information:
/etc/apt/preferences.d/systemd was in ...

Thanks a lot for the precious answer Bananian, now it's all clear, I'll try your advice and I'll get back here in case of issues.
Last question: is there any Bananian configuration that will disable systemd again with the next upgrades automatically, based on my choice with 15.08 or I will be safe to upgrade next time?

thanks again!

Ok, I was able to install systemd and remove sysvinit but I still can't start services.

When I use systemctl I get this error:

  1. giulio@BANANA-JESSIE:~$ sudo systemctl start sickrage.service
  2. Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unknown error -1
  3. giulio@BANANA-JESSIE:~$
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and it seems that my system isn't starting correctly with systemd:

  1. giulio@BANANA-JESSIE:~$ ps -p 1 -o comm=
  2. init
  3. giulio@BANANA-JESSIE:~$
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Is there a way I can fix it?


Ok Fixed it installing systemd-sysv

thanks again for the help!

We won't disable systemd with any update in the future. It is absolutely no problem to run Bananian with systemd instead of SysVInit.

And bananian-update asks you whether to remove systemd or not when upgrading from 15.04. It is your choice!

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