bananian-update to 15.08 - what gets changed

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I'd like to know what will change on my system when I run 'bananian-update' upgrading from 14.11 to 15.08?

I have already noticed the script.bin file gets overwritten! (What if I have custom fex settings?)

Is there anything else I should be weary of?

I have a system I have tweaked and fine tuned over the year, it's working like a charm, and would hate to lose anything.
take a look at the changelog and the corresponding tickets:

I'm happy with the changelog, but wouldn't be happy if config files and such get overwritten with default ones like what happened with my script.bin file

lotus replied at Mon Aug 24, 2015 22:04
I'm happy with the changelog, but wouldn't be happy if config files and such get overwritten with de ...

Since you're an expert (only those are able to modify script.bin) you also know that it's basic knowledge to do backups regularly and especially prior to major software modifications like installation of a 'new OS version'. BTW: If you would complain that uEnv.txt is gone I would understand that...

Since you're an expert you also know how to deal with this situation (moving your script.bin to a safe place prior to any update, using bin2fex and afterwards sort/diff to spot the differences, apply them to your modified fex configuration and use fex2bin to include both your own modifications as well as the ones from Bananian's maintainer and you're done).

BTW: Bananian now also supports mainline kernel where many things work totally different and script.bin plays no role at all. Most stuff is part of device tree configuration now, other stuff has to by adjusted using different U-Boot settings that only work after you yourself recompile U-Boot and overwrite some sectors of your SD card with this stuff.

Edited by Bananian at Tue Aug 25, 2015 07:58

Read the bananian-update output!

Run bananian-update and you will get an overview which files are changed (or deleted) and you have to confirm this before anything will be modified. Using the changelog it should be easy to get the modifications in detail.

Here is the text:
The following files will be modified:
boot partition:
/uEnv.* (del)
root filesystem:
/usr/sbin/swconfig (del)
/usr/local/bin/swconfig (del)
/etc/kernel/postinst.d/install-bananian-kernel (del)

And another quote from bananian-update:
Incompatible changes:
- switching from uEnv.txt to boot.cmd/boot.scr will break SATA installations
- swconfig will be moved to /sbin/swconfig. Adjust your scripts!
- /root/.zshrc will be overwritten

Any questions in detail? Please ask!

I think I don't understand the upgrade process. Lotus says he is using a finetuned installation based on Bananian 14.11. If he executes the bananian-update that was included back then then bananian-update would load and upgrade to Bananian 15.01, right?
And the included would output this instead:
  1. The following files will be modified:
  2. -------------------------------------
  3. boot partition:
  4. /uImage
  5. /fex/*

  6. root filesystem:
  7. /lib/modules/*
  8. /lib/firmware/*
  9. /usr/local/bin/bananian-config
  10. /usr/local/bin/bananian-hardware
  11. /usr/local/bin/fexc
  12. /usr/local/bin/bin2fex
  13. /usr/local/bin/fex2bin
  14. /usr/local/bin/swconfig
  15. /etc/modules
  16. /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/swconfig
Copy the Code
Is this correct or am I'm missing something?

I suppose I'm very happy with the way my system works as is. Why play with something that already works as smooth as butter.

I won't upgrade until I absolutely need to.

tkaiser replied at Tue Aug 25, 2015 09:03
I think I don't understand the upgrade process. Lotus says he is using a finetuned installation base ...

That's correct. I missed the point that he is not using Bananian 15.04. Sorry

Is there any specific procedure to burn 15.08 or 15.08 on SD card or any procedures to do after burning?

I have burned two SDs with Ubuntu and Windows and non on them works.

15,08 can not load uImage and many other files and 15,04 doesn't boot.

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