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BPi as wireless screen mirroring device - Push2TV - HOWTO ?

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How to setup BPi as wireless  screen mirroring device with tv on hdmi port for my old laptop  via WLAN ?
(Bananian - vncserver, vncviewer,, tightvncserver, ssh -localhost  or Reverse-VNC-Connecting etc.  ?
Again - television display on BPi's HDMI port mirrores the  laptop's display .
Think vncserver should be on Laptop, vncviewer on BPi.
BPi should either automatically log in vncserver with a public key and automatically log out when disconnected  or - if that is possible BPi should send a login command popup to my laptop display, which can be clicked away for further work on my laptop - something like this ?

Anyone experience or even done ?

I am neither expert in linux nor in english language - but try my best...
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