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HI Guys,

i just got my HD44780 LCD Display( )

And this is how my LCD looks like atm

and this is how i connected everything

LCDn={1 = GND,2 = VCC,3 = VO,4=RS ,5= RW,6= E,
            11 = D4, 12 = D5, 13 = D6, 14 = D7, 15 = A, 16 = K}

I tried to use the from (

This is what i changed in the
def __init__(self, pin_rs=4, pin_e=6, pins_db=[7, 1, 23, 24], GPIO=NONE):

What did i fuck up? :c  I get no errors but the Display dont change atall
Thanks in advance
could u pls reply guys :C

See if it works following these instructions: ... bone-black/overview

if i test i get TypeError: init takes at most 5 arguments (9given)
but i didnt change stuff? :c

did all acoroding to this
wont work for me

if i try other lcd test scripts i always get: BAPI: revision(2)

do i maybe use wrong pi gpio library? i did all acording to this tut

if i run the test script ( ... st/
i get
BPi Version 2

the rpi.gpio is the problem 99% tried to controll an lcd via pi via RPi.GPIO nothing happend i started using
os.system(""gpio write 24 1") and it works
is there a way to controll the lcd via wiring pi? so i can test it?

tried lcdproc and i got

root@lemaker:~# sudo LCDd
check_board_rev: This board is not recognized as a Raspberry Pi!
Driver [hd44780] init failed, return code -1
Could not load driver hd44780
There is no output driver
Critical error while initializing, abort.

i even followed this ...

i guess i have to switch to raspberry pi

even bourght a new lcd still same problems

solved it myself

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